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Itadaki! Seieki: Episode 1 / English Subbed

You are Currently Streaming: "Itadaki! Seieki Episode 1". A lovely and cute vampire girl who can transform from her cute side to whatever the guy lust's for. The first episode shows that a love letter from Setagaya Mari was sent to Kanzaki asking to meet her at the P.E storage room when suddenly Setagaya Mari kicked him and asked for fresh blood. However that she is a half vampire and half succubus, only a fresh semen is her ultimate meal! Kanzaki has nothing to offer Mari but a fresh semen every day…! Later, Kanzaki falls inlove to Mari by its succubus’s ability, which her body changes When he thinks “Tiny breasts” or “Huge breasts” in transformation… Kanzaki's body is in the state which he can't hold not to offer Mari a semen a day.


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  2. His zipper and button were open... pay attention...

  3. nice.. enjoyed watching this
    thank you for this post :)